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3 Dermatology Tips For Your Next Date

3 Dermatology Tips For Your Next Date Feb 21, 2020

Valentine’s Day is over, but romance isn’t! If you have a date coming up, you want it to go perfectly. There are a lot of ways to prepare, but here are a few dermatology tips to keep in mind.

1) Cold Sores & Herpes

Got herpes? Don’t be ashamed, many people do. In fact, anyone who’s had a cold sore has herpes simplex. If you’re starting to get a cold sore, you can apply some over the counter medications to it such as benzocaine and L-lysine.

Rarely get cold sores? An over-the-counter treatment will probably work just fine. But if you get cold sores frequently, see a dermatologist for assessment and discussion regarding prescription medication.

2) Sweating Too Much?

Sweating through an outfit is awkward, especially on a date. If you suffer from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), there are some things you can do to fight it, like using prescription-strength deodorants.

If you need a more permanent solution, miraDry® treatments are a great option. See your dermatologist for treatment options.

3) Hair & Nails

A lot of time can go into perfecting your hair and nails before a date. For the days leading up to the date, make sure you’re using conditioner every time you use shampoo and use a specialty shampoo if you suffer from dandruff. Using a lot of chemicals and heat can damage your hair.

Healthy nails are important for daily life, not just a date. There are plenty of tips for healthy nails, but the main things include:

  • Trimming your nails with clippers or scissors.
  • Avoiding biting your nails.
  • Filing your nails to keep them strong and shaped the way you want.
  • Refraining from cutting or pushing back your cuticles.
  • Taking Biotin (a vitamin supplement).

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