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3 Steps To Prevent Dry Skin In Freezing Weather

Jan 17, 2019 3 Steps To Prevent Dry Skin In Freezing Weather

We Minnesotans love snow. The fireplace, holiday lights, and hot cocoa warm your soul as you look out the window to see snowflakes falling gently to the ground. Yep, there’s nothing better than winter in Minnesota…except when it comes to our dry skin!

The temperatures move below freezing, and then below zero, which not only feels painful on your skin, it actually damages it. As the temperature drops, the humidity drops and causes your skin to dry out.

Dry skin is itchy, uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful. For some people, it can be so severe that it starts cracking and bleeding. If your skin gets too dry consistently, you could be at risk to develop eczema or infections.

Take these three steps to avoid having old-man-winter skin

1) Use lotion and stay moisturized.

There are plenty of lotions and creams available at your nearest store. Just make sure you’re reading the labels to confirm they are intended for skin repair for dry or flaky skin. Once you have the right lotion, apply it after each shower or bath.

Some bottles have labels that say, “Dermatologist recommended.” Those tend to work great for most people. However, if these over-the-counter lotions aren’t working for your skin, you may need to see your dermatologist.

2) Don’t use too much water.

This seems to go against staying moisturized, right? Water keeps your skin hydrated, which is why you should drink it frequently. But taking multiple showers a day and washing your hands too frequently with hot water can make your dry skin worse.

We’re not telling you to avoid washing your hands. Hygiene is always important and people should never skip washing their hands when they’re dirty. However, you should avoid is using too much hot water repeatedly. Use warm water and moisturize after every wash and your skin will stay hydrated.

3) Stay warm.

You might be mentally tough enough to handle the cold, but your skin isn’t. The temperature along with wind chills can chap your skin and potentially cause severe damage, even frostbite. Because of these reasons, it’s important to dress for the weather, which could include hats, mittens, or even snowsuits.

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