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Could Botox Help Me?

Jul 26, 2017 Could Botox Help Me?

Have you ever wondered if Botox injections could help you look a little younger? Our Lakeville, MN, dermatologist, Dr. Robert Zabel, discusses Botox and shares information that can help you determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment.

Botox smooths wrinkles
Botox is a good choice if you have dynamic wrinkles, the wrinkles that appear when you frown, smile or laugh. Botox is derived from the botulinum toxin and works by preventing nerve impulses from reaching your muscles. When the impulses don’t cause movement in the muscles when you frown or laugh, your skin begins to smooth out, and lines and wrinkles become less pronounced.

Is Botox a good choice for me?
Botox can be helpful if you have:

  • Crow’s Feet: The small lines that radiate from the corner of your eyes can be successfully treated with Botox injections.
  • Vertical Lines: Do you have two vertical lines between your eyes? The lines can make you look tired or angry when you’re actually energetic and in a great mood. Botox smooths the lines, refreshing your appearance.
  • Horizontal Forehead Furrows: Years of raising your eyebrows and making other expressions tends to cause forehead furrows. Luckily, Botox injections can minimize horizontal forehead lines and make you feel more confident when you wear hairstyles that reveal your forehead.
  • Mouth Wrinkles: Wrinkles around the mouth are common with age, particularly if you smoke. Botox injections soften and smooth mouth wrinkles.

What happens when I receive Botox injections?
Before you receive Botox injections in our Lakeville office, we’ll identify the areas of your face that will be treated and discuss your medical history. Injections are placed into the facial muscles that control your expressions. The number of injections you receive will depend on the severity of your lines and wrinkles and the number of areas being treated. You’ll probably feel a mild pricking or stinging sensation during the treatment.

It takes a little while to see the effects of Botox injections, but in about a week, you’ll notice that your wrinkles and lines are much less noticeable. Results generally last about three to six months but can be maintained by scheduling periodic appointments.

Are you ready to improve your appearance with Botox? Call Lakeville, MN, dermatologist, Dr. Zabel, at (952) 469-5033 to schedule an appointment.

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