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Medical Dermatology

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Acne, skin rashes, moles, and warts—we’ve had them too. We know what it’s like to have something irritating and even concerning on your skin. That’s why we’re here.

At Center for Dermatology, we carefully examine and treat your blemishes and skin conditions so the world sees you—instead of imperfections—first.

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Zabel leads our team of medical staff. We treat many skin conditions including, but not limited to the following:

Acne—one of the most common skin disorders—is caused by clogged pores and can be both irritating and embarrassing. We create a personalized treatment for your unique skin type to reduce blemishes, prevent scarring, and even eliminate your acne.

Rosacea causes redness, visible blood vessels, and occasional pimples or small blemishes on the face. We treat your individual skin type to reduce redness and clear blemishes with topical medicines, laser and light treatments, and antibiotics when needed.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is caused by skin cells that grow abnormally. We understand being nervous or unsettled after finding an odd-looking spot on your skin. You can be confident that our medical providers will give you a full and complete skin examination, which is the best way to check out any new or unusual spots.  If your skin check results in the need for a biopsy, which is a clinical diagnostic tool to assess malignancy, we will take care of that too.  If that biopsy results in a proven skin cancer, our dermatology medical professionals will provide you with the best treatment options and perform treatment as indicated.

Mole Evaluation
Although moles can be harmless, some can become abnormal or even result in skin cancer. This is why we recommend an annual full-body skin check. If we find a mole or skin spot that looks concerning, we will make treatment recommendations, which may include a biopsy, which is a clinical diagnostic tool to assess malignancy.

Picture of one of our patients in a medical dermatology appointment.Precancerous Lesions
Precancerous lesions are irregular cells that, if not treated, can develop into skin cancer. Commonly called keratoses, these lesions can look like small, scaly lumps or growths, and often appear on your ears, cheeks, scalp, nose, and other areas of your body that have had lots of sun exposure. We fully examine any spots on your skin that may be precancerous, make treatment recommendations, then provide treatments to remove them.

Benign Lesions

A benign skin lesion (not harmful) can look similar to one that is malignant (harmful). We assess these lesions and collect other lesion-specific symptoms to make treatment recommendations, followed by treatment options, and cosmetic treatment if desired.

Skin Rashes

Rashes may be red, itchy, painful, and are always frustrating. These can be seasonal, unique, recurring, or random. Our medical providers assess, diagnose, and treat all types of skin rashes.

Eczema (also called dermatitis) produces itchy rashes that look red, scaly, and can make your skin feel very dry and cause inflammation. When your skin is inflamed, it can look red and become irritated. We identify your specific type of eczema (dermatitis) and tailor a treatment plan to clear it and manage your symptoms. New treatment options are becoming more available to treat advanced cases of dermatitis.

Psoriasis causes patches of thick, red, dry skin. Psoriasis is commonly found on the elbows, knees, scalp, hands, and feet, but can occur on any part of the body. While this skin condition is relatively common, the scaling, inflammation, and irritation it brings can be frustrating, painful, and difficult to control. There’s no cure for psoriasis, but we can properly diagnose your condition and help reduce your symptoms while keeping outbreaks under control. Many advanced treatments are available to treat psoriasis.

Hair and Scalp Concerns
Scalp concerns such as redness, itching, flaking (dandruff), bumps, or hair loss can come on suddenly or can be chronic problems. If you have a concern with your scalp or hair, we’ll diagnose and treat the area so you can find relief and feel confident with your appearance.

One of our patients in a medical dermatology appointment.Dry and Itchy Skin
Dry, itchy skin can be the result of weather, allergies, genetics, and more. After evaluating your skin, we’re able to recommend treatment options that include proper and consistent moisturizing to help heal and resolve your dry, itchy skin.

Molluscum is a common, benign, yet contagious virus that presents as flesh-colored bumps on your skin.  These papules can be present for a few months or for a few years. We can treat molluscum with a variety of therapies to prevent or slow their spread and eventually eliminate them.


Warts are small, rough skin growths that appear when a virus infects the top layers of your skin. This is a common, benign, contagious contusion caused by the HPV virus. We have a variety of treatments available to help treat and eliminate your warts.

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